Friday, May 27, 2011


Today's passage:  Song of Solomon 6
     I've been raised in a day of the confident, outspoken woman.  Today's man seems to be attracted to this.  I hear that he wants a woman who speaks her mind (until he is married to her, and suddenly it is not so attractive.)  Men today say they want a woman who is assertive, who knows she is beautiful.  Really?  I'm so glad my husband doesn't think this way.  He dated plenty of those self-assured model types, and he said they were way too into themselves to ever be into him. I am not trying to stereotype beautiful women, I'm just saying that many times excessive outer beauty leaves the inner beauty with something lacking.  Since beauty is a quality that we as women want to acquire (if we don't already have it), it is good to be reminded that men see more than just what is on the outside.   Perhaps the most attractive quality about the Shulamite woman is her humility.  She doesn't seem to be aware of her beauty .  She isn't impressed with herself.   She is amazed at the attentions her royal husband and his court shower upon her.
     "Or ever I was aware, my soul made me like the chariots of Amminadib."  Many of the older movies feature these chariots when portraying Middle Eastern royalty.  The passenger sits in a curtained, cushioned box with open sides.  Poles run alongside it to be carried by menservants.  She says her soul is like this.  It has been lifted up.  She is overwhelmed by her adoring husband.  She looks down, and people surround her.  People who will do her bidding.  She is overcome.  She feels undeserving for she asks, "What will ye see in the Shulamite?"  What do you see in me, she wonders.
     Yes, Lord, what do You see in me?  Why do I deserve Your attention, Your favor?   How You have prospered me, blessed me, loved me.  I am nothing special.  I am what You have made me, and prayerfully, I will be much more.  You honor me with Your affection, and I can't say I have always reciprocated.  You treat me like royalty by allowing me into Your presence.  I can come to Your throne freely, as a queen to her king.  You have never stopped me.  You have never turned me away.  Have I been as humble as I should?  Have I been as appreciative?  Let me be a self-assured woman not because of who I am or what I have done, but because of what You have done for me.  Let me be outspoken for You.  Let whatever beauty I possess be a result of living holy and wholly for You.

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