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My first thought about creating a blog, was "how do I convince people that I don't feel like I am that important?".  After all, it seems pretty vain to post all my thoughts and dare to think that others might be interested in them too.  Then I think about Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman.  She looked for things to do, for ways to be helpful.  She had talents I will never have, but she used them to the best of her ability.  I have been working (although not always diligently) at becoming a published writer. Some women enjoy retail therapy, I enjoy re-tale therapy.  It is a great way to challenge myself to be careful with my words, to really dig deep into the Word of God, to use whatever gifts God has given me in whatever avenue He would allow me.  Knowing this will be shared will help me to think before I write. The joy of writing is knowing it will be read, by someone.  Pianists do not master concertos to play solely in their living rooms.  Chefs certainly do not study the art of cuisine to cook for a table of one. Orators do not practice grand speeches to perform them only to the bathroom mirror.  We all do things that we hope will be enjoyed by others, and so maybe this will be too.

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