Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today's passage:  Song of Solomon 5
     I learned a song several years ago via teenagers at youth camp.  The chorus goes like this, "Knock, knock, knock, I heard Jesus knocking, tug, tug, tug, tugging on my heartstrings, thump, thump, thump, my heart started thumping, when I heard Him knocking."  The song verses describe Jesus wanting to come live in my heart (King that He is), but He will not enter until I let Him in.  The last line says, "I was smart, I asked Him in my heart, when I heard Him knocking."
     The Shulamite woman once again has a disturbing dream.  This time Solomon is at her door, but he struggles to enter.   She opens it but he has left.  She calls for him, but he does not return the call.  The guards arrive.  They treat her as a trespasser.  They take away her veil.  She pleads with the women of the city to tell her where her king has gone.  They mock her.  "What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women?  what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?", the women ask.  So she describes him.  She tells why he is her beloved.  And an unusual description it is too (a face like the Lebanon cedars, a torso like ivory dipped in sapphires, legs like marble pillars).
     This dream can never happen in the life of the believer. Like the song, "I was smart, I asked Him in my heart".  When I open my heart's door, He will not vanish.  He will not play Hide-and-Seek.  He will not send henchmen to carry me out of His palace and tell me I do not belong.  I will not have to implore the townspeople to tell me where my Lord is.  He will step inside, and reside within me.  The unbeliever might struggle with the doorknob, Christ will not break it down.  He will knock persistently.  He will knock loudly.  He will knock urgently.  After a while, if the door still has not opened, He will quietly go away. 
    Let me imagine for a bit, that the townswomen are the unsaved.  They ask me what is so special about my Lord.  Why am I looking for Him?  What does He offer more than any other lord?  What description would I give?   How would I answer?  They are skeptical.  They are unbelieving.  What can I say to convince them?  I would not be able to tell them,  unless I know Him well.  I would not be able to persuade them unless I knew His Words.  We are surrounded every day with people who have Christ knocking on their hearts' doors.  At some point, they do not notice He is no longer knocking.  They seek after anything that can fill the place in their heart Christ is supposed to fill.  When they encounter Christians, maybe they hear a little tap-tap again.  Maybe talking to us, the knocking resumes.   Can I convince them about my Savior?  Am I living a life that is different, that is devoted to my beloved?  May I have the passion for my Lord to convince people to open the doors of their hearts.

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