Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Restless Nights

Today's passage:  Song of Solomon 3
       Early in my marriage, my husband worked nights and I worked days.  Many nights, I would stay up and wait for him to come home.  Eventually, I could not keep that schedule anymore because I needed to be rested for work.  Sometimes he would have a late arrest that would keep him an hour or two past his regular shift.  If he knew I was in bed already, he usually didn't call me.  If it came early enough in the night, he would try to let me know that he would be later than usual.  On occasion (the nights he didn't call) I would wake up and find that he was not home yet.  That always made me anxious, because I wanted to be sure he was okay.  What if it hadn't been a late arrest?  What if he had a car accident?  What if someone accosted him in the alley?  What if he had been hurt at work and nobody had sent word to me yet?  All kinds of fearful things crossed my mind until he arrived.  Once he walked through the door, I was at ease.  I was at peace again.
     In the beginning of this passage, the bride is having a fitful dream.  It is causing her great distress.  She can't find her groom and she is starting to panic.  She goes out into the streets asking the guards where he might be and when she finds him, she is relieved.  She can go back to sleep.  The groom orders that nobody is to disturb her.  He wants her to rest. 
A young couple embraces as if having a reunion in this vintage drawing.
The Reunion--Taken from Old Christmas
By Randolph Caldecott, 1892
Courtesy of www.reusableart.com

     My life can be like that.  I become fearful in situations, I let things scare me, disturb me, upset me.  I pace with worry and try to figure out how I will solve my dilemma.  Why?  When I take them to my Lord, He will deal with them.  He will comfort me and soothe me and put me back to sleep.  He will take the things that give me fear and headaches and stress and He will hold onto them for me.  He will listen to my concerns.  He will quiet my fears.  He will not allow them to bother me again.  I don't have to go looking for Him, He is always there.  I need never worry that something would happen to Him.  He is in control of it all and I can sleep soundly knowing He can handle it.

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