Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Backstage Pass

Today's passage:  John 10
    "The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God."
  How opposite this statement is.  Little do the religious leaders know that He, being God, made Himself man.  The stubbornness of the Jews here, not just the Pharisees, to see that Jesus is God's Son, is exhausting.  This passage takes place during the Feast of Lights, or what Jews today call Hannukah (pick a spelling--there are several variations).  The Jews still celebrate a miracle God performed between the Old and New Testaments, when God kept the lamps burning for eight days with the small amount of oil they had.  Even today, the Jews celebrate this holiday by lighting one candle for each of the eight days of the feast, thus earning this celebration the name "Festival of Lights".  It was a reminder how the Maccabee family had revolted and cleansed and purified the Temple after Antiochus Epiphanes IV defiled it by erecting a monument to Zeus at the altar.
     Jesus comes into the Temple and is immediately surrounded by these Jews.  I'm wondering if they are actually blocking Him from entering because He does not get any farther than Solomon's porch.  Perhaps as they celebrate this feast of the Temple's cleansing, they do not want it to be defiled again, especially by this impostor.  Their attitude seems to be, "We will let you have admittance, if you tell us who you really are."  They say in verse 24, "...How long dost thou make us to doubt?"  Did any of them really have doubts?  Were some of them wavering or was this just another ploy?  Jesus tells them He has already told them who He was, He has worked miracles, what proof are they waiting for?  I think recalling this time when their stystem was so corrupt, they want Him to start a revolution.  I think they are daring Him to overthrow the Romans.  They thought they were doing right by refusing to let Him in the Temple.  Wow!  Think about that!  Not letting God into His own House.  But don't we do that everyday?  If we know Christ as Savior, He has already been admitted into our hearts, but does He have a backstage pass?  Does He have admittance into every part of our life?  Do I block Him off from places until He works the way I want Him to work?  You do this for me, God, You show me who You really are, and I'll let you have this part of my life.  Do I block Him as He is entering?  Do I question Him when He is ready to cleanse me and use me?
  Help me, Lord, not to ask you to prove Yourself to me.  Help me not to question who You are and help me to give You unlimited access to every part of my life.

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