Monday, July 11, 2011


Today's passage:  None
     I have been on vacation for the past three weeks, with little internet access.  In some ways, it was nice not to know what was going on in the world, but I have truly missed blogging the last few weeks.  I checked into my blog tonight, to do a little maintenance, when to my shock and horror, I saw one of the writing blogs I follow with the worst language I could ever envision.  If anyone has checked out my profile or the list of blogs I follow, I'm sure it was a shock for them as well.  I follow a lot of writer's market, writer's agent blogs as I work towards my goal of becoming published and was foolish to think that they were sites I could trust.  I promptly removed them, but wanted to give my apology if you happened to read what I just read.  Hopefully, I have not lost trust, and you will stay tuned tomorrow morning, for my first post in a few weeks.  Thank you for reading.

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