Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today's passage:  Isaiah 52
     In military movies, when a group of soldiers has to cross an open field, they often assign one or two men to go out front and draw out the enemy and station one or two men in the back of the group to "watch their back".  I would not volunteer for either of these jobs.  I would prefer to stay in the middle.  That is because I am a chicken and am not brave like the men and women who fight for us every day.  God volunteers for both positions.  He tells Israel, "...for the LORD will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rereward."  My Bible defines that last word as a being a rear guard. 
Persian nobleman w soldier
Persian nobleman with soldier
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     If I were a soldier, it would be very important to be able to trust the men I fight with. If I am putting someone out ahead of me, I would hope he would be giving his all to protect me.  If I have soldiers behind me, I would hope they weren't trying to sneak out ahead of me, leaving me exposed.  There is nobody I could trust more than God.  If He sent His own Son to die for me, I'm certain that He cares enough to protect me in dangerous situations.  It's not like I have done anything to deserve it.  Neither had Israel.  The Lord also tells Israel at the start of this verse, "For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight..."  They would not have to throw their belongings together in the middle of the night and try to creep past the enemy in order to escape.  They would leave boldly and confidently because God would be their leader and their last defense.  When I am fearful, I need to remember that God is already ahead of me in the situation.  He has already assessed what needs to be done, and He can give me the strength to carry out the operation.  He also will be the last man on the field and will not leave me behind.  He is my Commander and I can trust every order that He gives.  A good soldier will say "Yes, sir."

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