Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unsearchable Understanding

I have always enjoyed journaling the things I learn from God's Word.  But I started to think that perhaps it would be fun to have an electronic journal of sorts.  So every few days, I plan to post the different things God is teaching me.  Mostly through His Word, but also through different circumstances.
        I am over halfway through the book of Isaiah.  It is a very long book, and I don't always have the opportunity to read a whole chapter.  That is always my goal but with three young boys, it is not always achievable.  Today I was finishing Chapter 40.  I love the fact that God is never weary.  I wish I could say the same.  It seems that I am always searching for renewed energy.  His understanding is unsearchable.  I realized that if I had the same discernment, I could be the perfect parent.  Think about it.  I would always know when my children were lying to me.  I would always be able to determine their motives for doing something, and therefore, could come up with the appropriate response. 
     Verse 31 is probably the most quoted verse from this chapter, but I was intrigued by verses 29 and 30.  Youth does not guarantee strength.  The sheer might that a young person has will eventually fail him.  But the strength that God gives is everlasting.  It may not always be a physical strength, it may be only be spiritual strength that He will give. In either case, His strength is what we seek.  It will not fail us.
Full color drawing of a white headed eagle.
White Headed Eagle--Taken from Birds of Prey, Prang's Natural History Series for Children
By Norman Allison Calkins, Illustrator Unknown
L. Prang & Co., Boston, 1878

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