Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today's passage:  I Corinthians 3:10-23
     "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ."
      I'm thinking about a vacant house that was down the block from my husband and I in our first few years of marriage.  This structure looked like it could have been the haunted house from stories.  It was certainly old.  Rotting porch steps, crumbling facade, barely-hanging-on door.  But most noticeable was the cracking and sagging foundation.  The whole house looked like it would eventually collapse.  Do you know somebody renovated that place, and I'm guessing sold it.  I never saw them dig up the foundation, so I've always been very curious how they were able to correct it.  They put new cement over it to make it look new.  They put new siding on the house, they fixed the door, they built a new porch.  My thought was, whoever bought that house has been duped, because eventually that weak foundation is going to give way, and the way the house looks isn't going to matter.  So far, it is still standing, but I have a strong feeling that they have had more problems than they bargained for, and probably have no idea why, since inside and out looked brand new.
     The foundation I am laying for my children is so very important.  I would like all my boys to be very well-rounded.  I want them to learn a musical instrument (to use for God's glory), I want them to enjoy a sport (to promote healthy exercise and a love for God's outdoors), I want them to learn how to cook and clean (so if God calls them to be single, they can fend for themselves, or if God calls them to marry, they can be a help to their wives).  Most importantly, I want them to learn to love God's Word.  Really, all the rest is so not important, if they do not know God.  They can be the most charismatic, charming, endearing young men, but without Christ, it is all just a fancy facade.  They can be the All-American athlete who wins regional and state awards but without knowing Christ, they haven't won anything.  They can have musical abilities that rival any famous talent, but if they scoff at God, that talent is just decor.
     I pray each and every day that my boys will come to know Christ.  My oldest has already professed Christ, and he already prays for his younger brothers.  I pray that they will accept Jesus at an early age, so they can lay that foundation and build upon it.  I pray more than that.  I pray that they will surrender their lives to the Lord.  Whatever God calls them to do, I pray they will use those abilities for Him.  If they are athletic, I pray God will call them to coach in a Christian school.  If they are musical, I pray God will teach them to be a music minister, or direct a choir.  If they are good with their hands, I pray God will call them to build churches here or on the mission field.  None of the talents God will give them will matter, if they do not first accept Christ.  If that foundation is not there, the rest will come tumbling to the ground.  I do not want to build young men who have a fancy facade.  I want to build young men who have a proper foundation, so if the house starts to collapse, they can rebuild. 
     One of these days, I am going to walk past that house that looks like new, and see that it is no longer standing.  The foundation was never re-laid properly, so I don't see how it can continue to stand.  The inhabitants may wonder what would cause their house to sag and crumple, because they never saw what was under the cement.  Hundred dollar fixtures, and fancy furniture can never solve that problem.  That is something that has to be taken care of at the very start.  I'm praying that my kids will have a glorious start, a solid foundation which will allow them to build lives for Him.  Without that, everything else is just a crystal chandelier.

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