Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This piece created by: God

Isaiah 45:1-25
     I have been to the Art Institute of Chicago only once.  There are some beautiful pieces of art there.  Beside each painting or sculpture is the artist's name, the one who created that work of art.  If the artist is unknown, then "Artist Unknown" would be on the plaque.  The piece was created by someone, we are just not sure who created it.  Not one of those pieces could have formed itself.  It took a creator.  This makes perfect sense to us.  We do not question it.  We do not argue with it.  Then how can we argue that we have a Creator when we are a work of art so much more intricate and well-designed?  In this passage, God gives us the same illustration.  How can the clay pot being formed argue with it's master about it's design?  It has no say because it is only the creation.  The potter forms it the way he feels best.  The pot can not then say it created itself.  Well, I guess it could, but it would be a ridiculous statement.
Christmas Art :: The Holy Family by Titian
The Holy Family by Titian
Courtesy of <a href="" title="Public Domain Images">Public Domain Images</a> 
    "For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited:  I am the LORD; and there is none else."
Verse 18 shows us that God had a very particular plan when He created this universe.  He wasn't bored one day and thought, "Hmmm, you know what might be fun?  Creating a world.  Just because I can."  He had a definite purpose.  He knew that he would put people in the earth.  Most artists (I know there are some) do not create their works randomly.  Many of them have planned out the design to the last detail.  God did that with me.  It wasn't by accident that I have brown eyes and brown hair.  He planned me exactly as he wanted me.  I find it a dangerous thing when we start interfering in God's process.  We are getting closer to being able to create the perfect baby.  Science has done some marvelous things, allowing us to find cures to many diseases, helping us to use medicine for our benefit, inventing procedures and instruments to keep our bodies going.  But scientists are starting to tiptoe into God's territory when they allow people to pick out the gender, hair, and eye color of their children.  God designed us.  We shouldn't be trying to design ourselves.  I think we are going to find heart-breaking mutations and distortions happening when we start meddling in God's work.
       Every work of art is a tribute to the artist.  The brush strokes, the light, the colors, garner praise for the artist's knowledge. Walking through the Art Institute, I have to say, there were some pieces of art that I was not impressed by.  Checking the name on the plaque, I might not be interested in viewing any more pieces made by that person.  Other artists captured their pieces in a way that I would like to see more of what they have done.  Human art is subjective.  God's art is perfect.  He has not made anyone by accident.  If I were on display in any art museum, I wonder, would I leave the viewer wanting to see more from my Creator, or would I cause him to want to go in search of works by different artists?   Because when I am on display, people will inevitably look at the plaque beside me.  What will it say?  Artist:  God

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